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Brief Introduce

Disposable latex gloves offer ultimate comfort and protection, a perfect combination of strength, elasticity and slip resistance. All gloves are powder free gloves. Because of their thickness and elasticity they perform well in high risk, heavy duty situations. They fit comfortably like a second skin.

We produce medical latex gloves, latex examination gloves and protective gloves,  sell above Gloves to many countries such as, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Philippines and so on.  Welcome to send us an inquiry.

Latex Glove


Disposable Latex gloves Available Selection

Country Medical /Examination latex gloves Industrial protective latex gloves
China GB10213 GB4806.7
Europe EN455-1(-2,-3,-4) EN374, EN388, EN407,EN420



Disposable latex gloves Technical Parameters

Type Powder free, Corrosion resistant, Tear resistance,
Length 230mm and 300mm
Size S,M,L,XL,
Sterile Non-Sterile
Weight S4.0, M4.5, L5.0, XL5.5
Color Popular Blue, also green and other colors.
Package qty. 100pcs/bag,  1000pcs/carton
Carton size 35x27x25cm
Logo OEC & ODM acceptable

Latex Glove

Latex Glove

Latex Glove

Disposable latex gloves Production Application

  • Hospital, Clinic, Homecare, Lab, Housing, Workshop, IT Industries,Beauty Industries
  • When good protection against microbes is needer.
  • When the glove is subjected to strong mechanical stress(limited protection).
  • Persons suffering from latex allergy.
  • When glove is not subjected to hard mechanical stress.
  • Food safe, suitable for handling all foodstuffs.
  • Long term use.
  • Waterproof(lightly, both hot and cold).

Latex Glove

Category: Gloves