Comfort options that work for you.

Whenever there’s a dirty, dusty job to be done, a comfortable respirator can help to make your workers want to wear it and promote compliance as required at all times during exposure to hazardous or unhealthy conditions.
There are options to protect against airborne particles and mists that can affect your workers’ health. Whether it’s sweeping, sanding, grinding, sawing, bagging or welding, we provide a variety of innovative technologies and features – all designed to provide comfort, convenience and value.

  •  Lightweight and comfortable
  •  Adjustable noseclips to help provide a custom seal
  •  Variety of strap types and attachments
  •  Some available with carbon filter material for nuisance level gas.
  •  Compatible with certain eye protection

Get more face time.

A respirator can’t give workers all the protection it was designed to provide, unless it is selected and worn correctly during all periods of exposure. Disposable respirators require a good seal between the respirator and face to deliver the expected protection. To obtain a good seal, always follow all directions provided with each respirator model.

Follow different Respirator Particulate filter types
N Series— Used in particulate environments free of oil aerosols.
R Series —Used for oil and non-oil particles with R Series time use limitations specified by NIOSH.
P Series —Used for oil and non-oil particles with time use limitations specified by manufacturer.