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Brief Introduce

The Disposable Synthetic gloves/blend gloves is a new type of gloves that was developed based on the vinyl gloves productionTechnology. The material is compounder with vinyl paste and Nitrile, so the finished production has the advantage of both vinyl and Nitrile gloves. Comparing with the vinyl gloves, the vinyl/Nitrile synthetic glove can better satisfy the user’s demands, it feels softer, more flexible and more comfortable when wearing,

We sell Disposable synthetic Vinyl/Nitrile gloves sell to many countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, USA, Thailand, Philippines and so on. Welcome to send us an inquiry.


Synthetic Gloves

Disposable Synthetic gloves/Blend gloves Available Selection

Country Medical /Examination synthetic gloves Industrial protective synthetic gloves
China GB24786 GB4806.7
Europe EN455-1(-2,-3,-4) EN374, EN388, EN407,EN420



Disposable synthetic gloves Technical Parameters

Type Latex free, Powder free, Corrosion resistant, Tear resistance, allergy free
Length 230mm and 300mm
Size S,M,L,XL,
Sterile Non-Sterile
Weight S4.0, M4.5, L5.0, XL5.5
Color Popular Blue, also green and other colors.
Package qty. 100pcs/bag,  1000pcs/carton
Carton size 35x27x25cm
Logo OEC & ODM acceptable

Synthetic gloves/ blend gloves Production Application

  • Hospital, Clinic, Homecare, Lab, Housing, IT Industries,Beauty Industries
  • Persons suffering from latex allergy.
  • When glove is not subjected to hard mechanical stress.
  • Short term general use.
  • Economic and widely used.
  • Waterproof(lightly,both hot and cold).


Category: Gloves